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Currious Rabbit has joined forces with HLV a leading Token Design firm in Web3, as their Head of Tokenomics. 



Navigating Web3 Rabbit Holes with Clarity and Confidence

Token Design

We create tailor-made, sustainable, and innovative token systems that turn your Web3 vision into reality. 

Economy Balancing

Our expert touch harmonizes your project's economy, ensuring smooth transactions, user incentives, and scalability.

Token Economic Audits

We dive deep into your token model, spotting risks and opportunities for improvement.


Do You Need Help With...

Building a SUSTAINABLE token economy?

Enhancing your CORE business with token incentives?

Resolving RISKS lying dormant in your design?

Navigating the complexities of tokens, fundraising, strategy...?

You're in the right place
About Us

About Us

At Curious Rabbit Design Studios, we're passionate about what the next operating system of the world will look like. Our mission is to help Web3 Games & Projects build the next generation of successful business models that capture and distribute value in new and compelling ways. 

Our deep understanding of the human mind and behavior allows us to design incentive systems that align with the needs and goals of businesses and individuals.  As industry experts, we craft high-quality token design whitepapers, build innovative incentives and employ cutting-edge tools like Machinations to simulate digital economies. 

Our team is backed by a wide network of professionals who specialize in niche areas, ensuring that we can tackle any challenge that comes our way. We firmly believe that the next wave of business innovation lies in the gamification of the users experience.  Enabled by a confluence of emerging technologies like Blockchain, AR & VR tech, IoT, AI... we see a deeply interconnected future where the lines between the physical world and digital world blur. 

In our quest for excellence, we utilize innovative tools such as bonding curves, onchain analysis, python modelling, interactive workshops and more. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex web3 landscape and achieve success.  We're not satisfied, until you are.


Expertly serving clients with a curious mindset


Let’s Work Together


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