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Curious Rabbit Services

Critical Eye

Worried about your design?

Critical Eye provides an assessment of potential risk factors and mitigation solutions in your token design system, including benchmarks against competitors.

Be Clear

Is your system confusing?

Get a full token due diligence report for a system wide overview with suggestions for improvement. 

Sweet Honey

Want to impress investors?

Sweet Honey showcases your token allocation plan, vesting schedule and supply dynamics to investors with an engaging machinations model.  Great for teams, communities & investors. 


Worried About Oversupply?

The core and future of innovative token design is algorithmic issuance. Basing emissions off of real- time metrics instead of assumptions.

Wabbit Wisdom

Lost in the Web3 Rabbithole?

Curious Rabbit Consulting provides Advisory Services to clients looking for help navigating this rapidly evolving landscape of web3, on a month by month basis.  

Data Dash

Is keeping track hard?

Monitor whats going on with Data Dashboards. Private and/or public dashboards analyzing on-chain project data, tailored for core teams and/or communities.

Future Forge

Is long-term sustainability a concern?

Future Forge is a full economy simulation in machinations for testing hypotheses, experimentation and insight.  Get a full economic audit with various scenarios, user behaviours, sustainable parametrization and more. 

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